The Austin Eubanks Memorial Fund

The Onsite Foundation, together with the family and loved ones of Columbine survivor and motivational speaker Austin Eubanks, announce the curation of a first-of-its-kind therapeutic program to benefit survivors of mass shootings and other forms of violence. 

Contributions to the Austin Eubanks Memorial Fund will be used to fund and develop the yet-to-be-named program. 

Eubanks was an injured survivor of the 1999 Columbine, Colorado school shooting where he tragically lost his best friend and fellow classmates. Following the shooting, Austin struggled with the debilitating effects of trauma and grief, a catalyst to his painful journey through addiction. 

Over the next eight years, Eubanks became a successful motivational speaker and national advocate regarding strategies for addressing the issues surrounding behavioral health, preventative treatment of prescription opioid addiction and recovery, and trauma. 

On May 17, 2019, Eubanks passed away in his home in Steamboat, Colorado. 

We are humbled that Austin’s family and loved ones asked The Onsite Foundation to help make Austin’s vision of creating a healing refuge for victims of mass shootings and gun violence become a reality.  Together, we will work to create a special place where individuals and families can come to address the devastating emotional effects of trauma and loss.  

Tax deductible donations to the Austin Eubanks Memorial Fund may be made through The Onsite Foundation at,

“Austin cared deeply about his family and close friends and fought a personal battle every day to bring light, hope, and healing to others.  He encouraged us all to lean in to the pain, and through this much needed therapeutic program, his voice will continue to be heard and healing will begin,” said Hayley Eubanks, Austin’s sister.

I attended the Living Centered Program and it was incredible! Through their process I was able to identify a missing piece with my healing/development that was keeping me stuck and determine action steps for change.

I also met some incredible, supportive people and it was amazing to be in a such a safe, vulnerable, empowering environment for a week. Bill Lokey was so relatable as he led the program and delivered so many "aha moments" when speaking in our group sessions. It's abundantly clear that everyone at Onsite truly loves the participants and are invested in their healing and growth. Everything from the grounds and accommodations to the food was also fantastic and it was a week of my life I will never forget.

Sending a huge heartfelt thank you to those at Onsite for sharing yourselves and your gifts with the world!

Kari J.

Will save your life.
So amazing.

I've never met anyone who left this place not changed forever. I love these people. Ryan, Bill, Miles....angels in human skin suits.
Freakishly nice and authentically kind.

Love this place.

Marie A.

The living centered program at Onsite saved my life, my marriage and my relationship with my children. It is the best thing I have done for myself as an adult. It gave me hope and restored my faith in humanity. I am close to six months out from my program and continue in big and small ways to use what I learned to have a better quality of life. It set me on a path I didn't think was mine to be on. A path of emotional wholeness. Not every day is a good or easy day but I now know I don't have to live in that place and have tools and support from the people I went to Onsite with. Thank you for all that you do.

Trey B.

My husband and I moved to Nashville a year and a half ago after he signed to a label in the area. I underestimated the toll his career and the move would take on my heart. I found myself weary, broken, tired, and on the brink of a relapse. My therapist at Porter's Call asked if I would go to Onsite. I said "yes." Then she told me the cost and I said "I can't." She connected me to The Onsite Foundation. Getting the call that my request for funds was approved was the beginning of getting my life back. Upon graduation from my time at Onsite I was asked what the one thing I was leaving with was. I answered "myself." Because of your generous donors, the hard work of your staff, and your incredible hearts, I was able to find myself again. Thank you for helping me find myself and save myself. I feel that my words do not express my gratitude enough. My husband and I have every intention of repaying this gift over time so others can be afforded the same experience.

Emily T.

I’d known for some time that wanted, no, needed the help that Onsite provides. I’d go to the website and read the program descriptions and wish I knew how I could afford to make a visit possible. Each time I felt close to pulling together the fees, something got in the way - my bathroom flooded, my HVAC went out, my dog needed expensive vet treatment. Yet I knew I was supposed to go to Onsite.

Then one day I learned about The Onsite Foundation and how they provided financial scholarships to attend Onsite. Their financial aid was my sign from God that I truly WAS supposed to go to Onsite!

Because of the Onsite Foundation’s faith in my ability to change, I was able to spend an incredible week in the Living Centered Program! I worked through heartbreak and shame that had held me back for longer than I can remember. Because of the Onsite Foundation’s support, I now stand in strength, looking people in the eyes, speaking my truth. I will be forever grateful to the Onsite Foundation for believing I was worth supporting, and I will spend the rest of my life paying that gift forward! THANK YOU Onsite Foundation!

Michelle T.

I am blessed to have attended the Veterans Living Centered Program in early 2017. Wow, what a difference. Veterans are a unique group. We struggle to connect with non-veterans and we don't open up as easily as many people do, unless we are with other veterans. We are accepted by other veterans. Many of us have been shot at, been in combat, and that trauma is a unique trauma. We sometimes downplay the importance of how family dynamics impacts our families and current relationships. This program really helped unravel the trauma from both my military service and my family experiences.


It's all about love.


I came here and grief was an enemy; now it is my friend.

Life After Loss participant

I'm so grateful for this Foundation. It has healed a lot of hearts.



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