About Us

Our Mission

The Onsite Foundation provides funding to vulnerable populations including veterans, first responders, low income individuals and front-line helping professionals. This aids in the healing and rebuilding of those who struggle from the effects of trauma, abuse, stress, mental-health and relationship issues. We work with Nashville based Onsite Workshops and their life-changing programs by providing scholarships to participants who would not otherwise receive the experience of emotional freedom.

The Board of Directors

The board of The Onsite Foundation is comprised of active community leaders who volunteer to serve those in need of emotional heath.

  • David Adams
  • Christiev Alphin
  • Dave Berg
  • Warren Brent
  • Debbie Carroll
  • Irma Harris
  • Jewel
  • John Huie
  • John Ingram
  • John P. Kelly
  • Joey Lee
  • Marion Kraft
  • Tami Olin
  • Leann Phelan
  • Wynonna

Deanna Wantz

The Onsite Foundation Director


The Onsite Foundation was founded in 1987 by a group of like-minded individuals and couples who had experienced just how profoundly lives and relationships can change for the better if given the right help. They established The Onsite Foundation in an effort to bestow this gift to people who could not otherwise fund it for themselves.

Over the next two decades The Onsite Foundation has helped countless individuals, couples and families in the form of grants for professional treatment.

These scholarships have only been made possible through the generous donations which have come from all over the world and in all sizes from thousands of people who share the same passion and vision as we do at The Onsite Foundation.

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Today is an exciting time for us. The Onsite Foundation is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and has a knowledgeable and energetic board who are passionate about offering this resource to those who need it the most.

In these trying socio-economic times, people are asking for more help from us.

We need your assistance to help realize our goals of providing people all over the world with the funding so they too can pursue a path of emotional freedom and health.

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To Have a Voice.

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